Alessio Bertotti Showreel 2012 v2.0 of VFX, 3D and Compositing works.

– Gillette FC: compositing, keying, rotoscoping, tracking, truck and stadium elements shading and texturing.
– Grand Soleil: rotoscoping and rotopaint.
– Explosion: VFX and compositing of an explosion, based on a real reference.
– Love Truck: set extension, tracking and compositing 2D and 3D elements.
– Bubbles: dynamics and compositing.
– Face: modeling, rigging, shading, texturing, lighting and compositing, with a short lip sync.

Gillette Football Club” and “Grand Soleil” courtesy of Rumblefish.

Music by Hans Zimmer, “Mind Heist”

Programs used: Maya, Mudbox, MatchMover, PFTrack, Nuke, Photoshop, UVLayout, Mocha